USA Coast to Coast – June Update

June 2022

You may remember that the original plan when we set off on 30th April was to ride an average of 5 days in every 7 & to average 50 miles a ride.

There were 30 possible riding days in June, so we were expecting to have ridden just under 21 days in the month.

June totals were;

12.4 – average speed in mph.

23 – number of days ridden.

53.3 – highest speed achieved in mph.

59.1 – average mileage per ride.

104.08 – longest single ride.

109 – number of hours ridden.

1,360 – total miles ridden.

53,855 – feet climbed.


There have been 62 possible riding days since we started our adventure on 30th April, so we should have ridden just over 44 days so far.

The totals since 30th April are;

12.5 – average speed in mph.

48 – number of days ridden.

53.3 – highest speed achieved in mph.

58.8 – average mileage per ride.

104.08 – longest single ride.

225 – number of hours ridden.

2,823 – total miles ridden.

119.871 – feet climbed.

We’re still nowhere near where we expected to be – due to;

April & May’s unseasonably cold weather, which has resulted in road closures due to snow in the mountains.

Late snow in Washington required us to navigate The Cascades via Stevens Pass, rather than Rainy & Washington Passes.

More snow in The Rockies meant we couldn’t explore as much of Glacier National Park as planned & the Going To The Sun Road was closed. As a result we didn’t visit the Canadian Rockies.

Our extended tour of Montana delayed our arrival in West Yellowstone – by then there had been flooding which caused Yellowstone National Park to be closed. We detoured via Jackson & Grand Teton National Park, so we could enter via the South Entrance on the day the National Park re-opened.

The changes to itinerary have all added to our experience & have taken us to some amazing places – Grand Teton is one of my favourite places on the adventure to date.

I fully expect the route to remain fluid & will embrace them as they occur.

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