Snow Stopped Play!

Ross Dam Trailhead (milepost 134) to Silver Star (milepost 171) – road closed.

The following is taken from the Department of Transport (Washington) website;

“SR 20 North Cascades Highway is closed for the season. The road is closed on the west side of the Cascade Mountains at milepost 134, the Ross Dam Trailhead, and on the east side at Silver Star at milepost 171, approximately 20 miles west of Winthrop.

Spring clearing activities began March 28 and typically takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on conditions.

Contact: NCR Communications 509-860-0000″

In other words, State Route 20 over the mountains from Newhalem to Okanogan is still closed due to unseasonably late snow storms – this was, & remains, our preferred route as it takes us through the stunning scenery of the North Cascades National Park. I phoned the helpline number & Lauren (who was very helpful & friendly) says there’s a possibility that SR20 ‘may’ open this weekend & to call her on Friday for an update.

As a result, we’ve extended our stay in Mount Vernon by a couple of days & after a morning of investigating our options, we have an updated plan. Our previous European adventures have involved snow, so we’ll cope.

We’ll go on a local 60 mile loop tomorrow (Tuesday) & then continue to cycle up to Concrete on Wednesday (a shorter day than originally planned). Thursday (weather permitting), we’ll ride & hike near Lake Shannon & Baker Lake.

We’ll revisit the plan again on Friday after I’ve spoken to Lauren & see what our options are then – we’re now committed to the SR20 over the North Cascades, it’s simply the timetable that is unknown. Truth be told, this is what an adventure is all about!

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